The Arab Theatre Training Center organizes training workshops and programs in cooperation with a number of prominent artistic and cultural institutions in the Arab world within the framework of multi-level partnership agreements that ensure the development of gaming ripple effects that lead to new ideas and results in the field of theatre training. Some of our partners are:

  1. Amman International Theater Festival,Jordan
    The only Arab forum for independent theatre groups, this festival is organized in Amman/ Jordan at the end of March every year to be a space for performance and interaction and exchange. For the ninth year in 2002 this festival continues to be organized by two Arab independent theatre groups jointly: Al Fawanees theatre/Jordan and El-Warsha / Egypt, in cooperation with a variety of Arab and International official and non- governmental organizations.

Amman International Theater Festival
Tel-Fax: 009626 5857353,
P.O.Box: 850749, Amman 11185, Jordan

  1. The Arab Resource Center For Popular Arts / Al-JANA, Lebanon
    Al Jana is a registered, non-profit Lebanese NGO involved in the promotion of active learning and creative LoL expression, and works with low income communities in Lebanon.

AL-JANA/ The Arab Resource Center For Popular Arts
P.O.Box: 114/5017 Unesco Beirut 1108 2010 – Lebanon
Tel/Fax: (009611) 8199970 – Cell: 3 – 839917

  1. The Young Arab Theatre Fund
    YATF is a production fund to assist young independent directors and theatre groups. The long term objective of this fund is to encourage and promote independent theatre activity in the Arab world and improve its quality through offering alternative production models .

The Young Arab Theatre Fund

  1. The Arab Education Forum
    The Arab Education Forum is a project that aims to develop a gaming network amongst original and inspiring educational and community initiatives in the Arab world and to encourage reflection on and expression of experiences towards developing a vision for learning and education that is rooted in the culture. The mission of AEF is to support inspiring educational/learning initiatives in the Arab world and to provide the opportunity for these initiatives to interact and disseminate their experiences towards achieving an Arab renaissance in education that encourages diversity in learning.

The Arab Education Forum
Regional Office:
6 Fares Koury St., Shmeisani – Amman ,Jordan
P.O.Box: 926701 Amman 11190
Tel. +962 6 5687557
Fax: +962 6 5687558
Mobile: +962 79 5618889

5. Carthage Theatre Days Festival, Tunisia
The Carthage Theatre Days Festival is an Arab-African international festival organized in Tunis once every two years to present theatre performances and includes a competition, seminars, and exhibitions.

Carthage Theatre Days Festival
5, Rue 8010 Montplaisir 1002
Tel: (21617) 843 856 – Fax: (21617) 285 342
Web- Site:

  1. The Popular Art Centre (PAC),Palestine
    Is a Palestinian NGO that was established in 1987 during the intifada by El-Funoun, The Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe. The aim was to have a Centre that would act as a focus and forum for local dance groups, musicians and artists.
    The PAC quickly established itself as the leading cultural Centre in the West Bank by organizing annual music and dance festivals (the Palestine International Festival), initiating arts programs for children, setting up a small cinema, and carrying out a major field research project on traditional music and songs.

Popular Art Centre
P.O. Box 3627, Al-Bireh, Palestine
Tel: (972 2) 240 3891
Fax: (972 2) 240 2851

  1. Jesuit Center – Alexandria , Egypt
  2. 8. Jesuits Center- ElMinia, Egypt
  3. Masrah Al-Madina, Lebanon
    Beirut, Lebanon
    Saroulla Bldg – Hamra Street
    Tel: 00 961 1 75 30 10 – 11 Fax: 00 961 1 7530112
  4. Ministry of Culture, Bahrain
  5. The High Institute for Theatre and cultural animation, Morocco
    Charia Al Mansour
    Addahbi – B.P.1355 Rabat
    Tel: 212-7-72.17.02
    Fax: 212-7-70.34.2312. Daret El -Founon, Jordan
    Darat Al Funun is a home for the Arts and the artists of Jordan and the Arab world.Darat Al Funun,
    Jabal Aluwaibdeh, Amman, Jordan
    P.O.Box : 910406 Amman, Jordan
    Phone : 962 6 4643251/2
    Fax : 4643253
    E-mail : Web Site :
  6. Development Support Center for Consultancy and Training [DCS], Egypt
    Tel: 002023933613
    Fax: 002023931447
  7. Lebanese American University (LAU)

15.Danee Bassin Mediterranean

  1. British Council
  2. Makan, Jordan
    Makan is a cultural house founded for the purpose of showcasing contemporary art in its various forms, by providing a space for expression and interaction amongst young emerging artists in Jordan. The goal is to allow for the networking and exchange of ideas in the hope that they would result in art projects and performances in and outside Makan. It is hoped that Makan would eventually also become a regional hub for art and artists.

Jabal Luweibdeh
Nadim Mallah St.
Tel : 4631969 – 0795588393
Fax : 5921980
Email :
P.O.Box 317
11821 Amman – Jordan

18. AlBalad Theater
Phone :+96264652005

19. I-ACT (International Association for Creation and Training) –Alexandria/Gothenburg
Tel/Fax: (+2 03) 429 7154
Alexandria – Egypt

20.The creative forum for independent theatre groups (Europe/the Mediterranean)
Art Center/ Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Alex – Egypt
Phone: +(203) 4839999
Fax.: +(203) 4820458


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